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Mailing Address :
     Special Olympics Ontario - Greater Ottawa
     P.O. Box 23119
     Ottawa, ON K2A 4E2
     Telephone: 613-518-1330 (Message service)

Community Council and our support network is made up of dedicated volunteers that provide leadership and administrative support to the Greater Ottawa Special Olympics community.

 Community Council
 Name  Role  Email
 Liana Caruso  Community Coordinator, Programs Chair
 Kyle Dowd  Community Coordinator, Admin Chair
 Lindsay McPhee  Secretary
 Nigel Van Dalen  Treasurer
 Lise LeBeau  Athlete Registrar  
 Andrea Siegman  Volunteer Lead
 Lizzie Lennox  Fundraising Coordinator
 Naomi Haile  Public Relations Coordinator
 Dwight Rudisuela  Transition Coordinator / School Liason
 Adam Chmiel  Sport Technical Coordinator - Venues/Facilities
 Name  Role  Email
 Jason Hussak  District Developer, Greater Ottawa (staff)
Patrick Abou Sleiman Webmaster
 Laura Morrison  Volunteer Coordinator
 Keith Colbourne Volunteer Coordinator
 Chris Miedema  Photographer
 Frédéric Delaroche Photographer
 Sandra Thompson Photographer
 Club contact
 Name  Sport & club  Email
 Terry White West-End Soccer
 Doug Skinner Kanata Golf
 Elaine Willcock East Golf
 Melissa Thomposn Soccer (Women & Co-ed)
 Denise Pagliaro Track and Filed (Tuesday)
 Michele BrenningTrack and Field (Thursday)
 Lise LeBeau  5-Pin Bowling - Skill Development 
 Dina Snippe Softball
 Cathy Croteau Bocce

 Special Olympics Ontario Registered Charitable Number - 11906 8435 RR0001