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Volunteer of the Month

The December Volunteer is Norm McN. -Bowling, Curling, Athlete's Gala, Cheerleader

Norm is a dedicated volunteer with Special Olympics. When you see Norm you just smile. The athletes are always excited to see Norm each week. He really would do anything for anyone putting the athlete / volunteer / parent first. You can always count on Norm. He always ensures a safe practice for the athletes and cares for each individual. Joking around, encouraging or giving high fives he is always making the athletes feel good about themselves. SOO would not be the same without him.

The November Volunteer is Lise L. -Bowling, Swimming, Fun & Fitness
Lise is an exceptional volunteer.  She always says "I'll do it" or her favorite words "yes".  She has been a volunteer for many years and takes her role very diligently.  Lise is everywhere…  and everyone knows her…. The athletes and other volunteers love her.  She always has a smile on her face.  Honestly, I think she wakes up with a smile.  And let's not forget her laughter is very contagious.  Lise, we SOO have to thank you for the hard work and efforts you give us (athletes and volunteers).

The October Volunteer is Colette D, Curling and Bowling

Colette was bringing her daughter to Curling.  One day, she was asked if she wanted to volunteer; she agreed with no hesitation knowing that being on an ice surface and not knowing the sport gave her a disadvantage. Watching a few times her daughter play and saw the need of volunteers in the sport, she saw a great opportunity to join in and have fun too, especially when the atheltes love teaching her.

Colette is a very enthusiastic volunteer and regardless the days she does have a contagiuos smile and humorous personality.  She knows how to provide warmth on those ice lanes in Curling.  She loves to be involved especially when F.U.N. is part of the sports that she volunteered this year in the Orleans Alley Cats Bowling League. Colette is a great contribution to Special O programs as a volunteer.

The September Volunteer is Jo-Ann L, Nordic
Jo-Ann has been a volunteer in Nordic skiing since 2007.  She has been a dedicated volunteer.  Even though she is not happy to be in the cold (minus 20 in most cases); she knows how to shine the group with her smiles, caring, understanding and humour.  All the athletes adore her.  She is a motivator.  Nordic is not an easy sport, Jo-Ann encourages and shows how easy it can be to do the drills and skills (knowing that it is hard).

The August volunteer is Sarah Y, Swimming
Sarah has been a volunteer, coach and mentor for the Ottawa Otters Swimming program for many years.  She is a devote and dedicated volunteer.  She is so dedicated that left the program for a few months to travel abroad and the day she came back from a 15 hour flight; she came straight to coach that Sunday.  She always has this calm 'wave' about her that athletes listen attentively to her coaching.  She always smiles.  Thank you Sarah.

The July Volunteer of the month is Lindsay, Swimming
Lindsay has been volunteering with Special Olympics for over a year.  She coaches the Orleans Rip Tides.  All the athletes love her enthusiasm.  She knows how to encourage and works hard in coaching swimming techniques to them.  She is compassionate and you can tell she loves to teach.  She is the perfect asset to the program.  Good job Lindsay!!

The June Volunteer of the month is Kevin, Floor Hockey

Kevin is a new volunteer with Special Olympics. In his first month as Assistant Coach with the Ottawa Gladiators Floor Hockey team, he played a key role at the Montreal Invitational Floor Hockey tournament and helped the athletes win a gold medal!

The May Volunteer of the month is André, Floor Hockey

André is an Assistant Coach with the Ottawa Gladiators Floor Hockey team. In his first year as a coach, he took a leadership role on the team: running practices, planning drills, and mentoring athletes. In April, he led the Ottawa Gladiators to a gold-medal finish at an Invitational Floor Hockey tournament in Montreal.

The April Volunteer of the month is Gord, Alpine Skiing

(He claims he is retired...  and here is why we chose him as the first volunteer of the month).

 There are not enough words to describe Gord.  He has been inspirational to everyone.  He has been there for volunteers and athletes at all costs.  He has supported, Amy, the new Head Coach, not only encouraging her with her goals and dreams but with making sure she was fully certified in coaching.  He is an extremely positive influence with an amazing sense of humour.  The athletes adore him and will miss him, since he has retired from SO. 

 He is a very fun, out-going individual who cares a lot about Special Olympics and all that it comprises.  His dedication and hard work never went unnoticed; he attended all ski practices, even in the worst weather conditions possible and took our athletes to ski at other resorts just for fun and some competitions as well.  The way he believes in everyone is fantastic and he encourages us all, not only the athletes, to be the best we can be.

 Here is what two athletes say about Gord:

     -       "It was nice of him to support me at skiing" - Jordan

     -       "I remember when he went skiing with us at Mont St. Marie and he came to Milton with us." - Rob