Sport Coaches


To provide sports skill training and competition preparation to athletes with an intellectual disability.


  • Desire to work with people who have intellectual disabilities
  • Knowledge of sports and some experience working with Special Olympics athletes would be an asset.
  • Sport specific technical is recommended

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist athletes in acquiring sports skills
  • Evaluate mental and physical skill level for all athletes
  • Adapt training and teaching techniques for all athletes
  • Provide equal training and competition opportunities for all athletes
  • Have basic knowledge of first aid
  • Attend available coaching clinics in the sport
  • Keep abreast of new methods of teaching and training
  • Set a good example as a role model for athletes
  • Exhibit good sportsmanship
  • Work towards attaining such qualities as patience, conscientiousness, flexibility, discipline, and organization
  • Encourage people with an intellectual disability to participate in Special Olympics programs

Time Requirement

Two to five hours per week


Reports to the Head Coach

Email / Courriel: