Head Coach


To develop and implement sports skills training and competitive opportunities for athletes with an intellectual disability.



  • Knowledge of specific sport discipline
  • Organized, independent, and self-motivated
  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Sport specific Technical training is highly recommended

Duties and Responsibilities

Sport Specific Conference Calls

  • Attend annual Sport Specific Conference calls as scheduled within the conference.

Sport Training

  • Make all arrangements for sport training sessions including facilities, equipment, etc.
  • Ensure practices consist of:

·       Warm up

·       Motor skills development

·       Sport skills training and competition,

·       Fitness component

·       Cool down

  • Ensure proper health and safety measures are followed
  • Work in conjunction with Community Volunteer Co-ordinator to recruit and train volunteers for the sport program
  • Work as a team with assistant coaches and encourage further certification
  • Ensure there is a first aid kit available and is stocked with minimum requirements
  • Notify SOO of all accidents or incidents using the appropriate report forms (found online at the SOO website)


  • Ensure that the Sport Club and all athletes and volunteers participating in the Sport Club are registered with Special Olympics Ontario Inc. and that the registration information is accurately maintained for the Sport Club
  • Working with your local data administrator or District Developer, make certain at the start of each sport season and throughout that the information contained in the SOC database is correct
  • Ensure all athlete documentation including the Athlete Profile, Medical History, Medication Schedule, Registration, and Atlanto Axial Examination is completed for each athlete and records are maintained


  • Preparation of the annual Sport Club budget within the Special Olympics Ontario Financial Guidelines
  • Ensure that the Sport Club is operating within the financial parameters of the budget


  • Make all arrangements for participation in conference competitions including transportation, registration, and athlete information, etc.
  • Ensure all athletes and coaches adhere to the Special Olympics Ontario “Rights and Responsibilities” and "Volunteer and Coach Code of Conduct" respectively when travelling to competitions, training or representing SOO at any event or function

Time Requirement

Three to five hours per week is the estimated time commitment during the season.


In co-operation with the other community Special Olympics volunteers, Head Coaches must operate the Sport Club in compliance with SOO Provincial Expectations. Sport Clubs are ultimately responsible to the Board of Directors.

Email / Courriel: volunteer_coord@specialolympicsottawa.ca