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Summer Games 2014

5 Pin Bowling
From left to right = Melissa Thompson Coach; Patrick Hynes; Colin Ratzchev; Rachel Mathews Head Coach


From Left to Right = Rachel Mathews, Head Coach for 5 pin Bowling; Melissa Thompson, Coach for 5 pin Bowling; Claudette Faubert, Head Coach for Track and Field

Track and Field
Back row - left to right = Matthew Gregory; Claudette Faubert Head Coach; Marianne Scharf; Tim Parisien
Front = Patrick Sarda

Back row (left to right) Tim Parisien, Matthew Gregory, Patrick Hynes, Colin Ratzchev, Rachel Mathews, Jacob Mathews, Claudette Faubert

Front row (left to right) Marianne Scharf, Patrick Sarda, Christina Judd-Campbell, Melanie Heroux, Melissa Thompson, Kimana Mar, Sophie Lacourse-Pudifin

Absent at Sent Off Party
Brittany Mackay; Bachar Awneh; Meagan Mitchie; Michel Roy; Peter Verbruggen